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Steampunk electric 3-string resonator style spoon-guitar.  Made from 11 inch long guitar shaped Beechwood serving spoon that was designed and manufactured by Kikkerland.  (Handwash only)

Hand wound waxed dental floss strings with Martin ball ends. (Reduces tone decay)

String scale is 7 ¾ inches nut to saddle. Tuned G D G

Resonator chamber is repurposed discarded paper towel dispenser end.  Retractable ballpoint pen spring suspended inside resonator chamber creates reverb through direct transduction.

Tuning pegs are hand drilled copper shaker box tacks. 

Nut and saddle carved from dumpster bin Corian countertop. 

Multiple pocket watch gears and winders from watch makers parts bin.  Some eyeglass frame material and LED strip included as well.

CB Gitty piezo disk pickup located inside resonator chamber and embedded in foam tape. 1/4 inch input jack.


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Tom, this is insane.  So much to love!  7 & 3/4" scale??

How does it sound??

7 3/4" scale?  Yessir, in it's former life it was a guitar shaped salad serving spoon.  How does it sound?  Well......lets say its more of a looker than a player but....I have a video sound demo over in the blog under electric spoon.  That was before I steampunked it out for the builders contest.


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