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in addition to guitars I like beer.


I keep a photo and review record of what I drink on facebook. It's public even if you don't have facebook:



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I like beer too. New Belguim, Avery, Chimay, Unibroue, Boulevard, Schlafly, Surly, North Coast brew co. and Bell's, To name a few breweries that have decent beers. The wife and I like the IPA by Founders, the one that tastes like a fermented grapefruit juice.
the founder's IPA's a re a little to "floral" for my taste. Short's Huma Lupa Licious is my favorite IPA at the moment. I like the New Belgium stuff but we can't get it in Michigan.

I'd be scared to keep a record of my beer drinking...  LOL


Good job Harrison, cool stuff there


ha! i'm with you on that ted. My can man loves our business.


Bummer on no new belguim Do you get anything from 21st Amendment Brewery? They have an APA that is made with dark malt: Back in Black.

haven't seen the 21st amendment stuff yet, I'll keep an eye out.
do like me a nice cold shiner bock. or the occasional offering from the good folks at lienenkugel's
Try the shiner black lager. Very good.

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