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5000 Guitar Picks Jimi Hendrix Portrait by Ed Chapman


Ed Chapman is one of the UK’s leading mosaic artists. His style is instantly recognizable achieving incredible detail through hours of painstaking effort. The work really needs to be looked at up close to appreciate the quality that has been achieved.

Chapman has created a unique Jimi Hendrix mosaic out of 5000 guitar picks. It was auctioned last month at Cancer Research UK’s Sound & Vision event at the iconic Abbey Road Studios.

Ed Chapman said: “I’m delighted to be supporting Cancer Research UK at this year’s Sound & Vision event. The John Lennon piece I created for 2009’s event raised £6,000 for the charity, and I hope the Jimi mosaic can do the same this year.”

Jimi Hendrix mosaic was finally sold for £23,000 !!!



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So that's where all the lost guitar picks from over the years wound up...stupid me I was looking under the couch cushions...
Oh wow... this is totally cool.
23 grand? damn! and it would look so cool as a guitar
Great idea!!
HAAAAA I want to see his portrait of Janis with 5,000 remote controls

help me out guys

I'm trying to see if one of them is the pick of destiny

very creative , nice !


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