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My friend Keith Medely playing his creation that he made so he could "play the music he had going around and around inside his head" I am in the presence of greatness with friends like Keith !

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Wow... seriously.. just wow. What a master... thanks for sharing this!!
AWESOME! Here it is

Wow! Now that is really awesome.
Tracy, I'm making him the subject of my blog next week. I'm a big fan of fingerstyle players like Michael Hedges, Antoine Dufour, and Andy McKee... all of which can be found online playing similar harp guitars in the same style. None of those guitars are near as gnarly as Keith's tho... that thing is just sick!

I'm not sure what his ambitions are, but Candy Rat Records specializes in promoting players like Keith. If he's interested, he should contact them... I'm sure he would blow up on the fingerstyle scene!
Holy Smokes!
Yes no kidding! Makes my stuff look like something out of a kindergarten class.
wow that is so cool sounds fantastic and what a player - man it makes me feel so bad as i struggle to play a Diddley Bow lol!
Thanks for adding the video
juju :)
Keith is also on my facebook pages, check them out. I've got some great musicians and performers in my friends list.
This link is my personal page
Come and be my friend or part of my " Liker Gang" ,,,,, LOL I'd love to see you there!
Amazing... first that this music was playing in his head, and then that he built this beautiful creation to bring the music out, wow... it's just beyond words.

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