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This challenge is open to everyone. It takes no skill, so we'll have an even playing field. If we only have a couple people participate, it won't be as effective. It's time to give back to the place that gives so much to us. To take part in this challenge all you have to do is look for the Clubhouse Tip Jar. It's on the right side of the screen, covered in cobwebs. It looks like this...


                                                         * Clubhouse Tip Jar *

Now here's the fun part, put something in it... Hit the little button that says donate. There's no minimum or maximum. Donate the price of a couple of beers, or donate the price of a case of beer. Just donate something, It's all good. It's a small price to pay for the information & inspiration that we come here for.  No one needs to know how much or how little you put in. I've donated before & I'm stuffing some more in right now. Lets see if we can stuff this sucker so full, that we have to get a bigger jar...

I welcome everyone to join me in this challenge. Think about what we all gain from this place.

I'm in... Who's with me?






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sent my donation, hope it helps.

Thanks for joining this challenge Gary... Who's next. We all win!

gary mcdonald said:

sent my donation, hope it helps.

Thanks David, thanks Gary. 

Every little bit helps to pay the fees to host this every month, especially lately after getting injured then having to move the shop with 30 days notice.

The Clubhouse is almost 3 years old and I can't believe all the awesome builds and the amount of info here.  The behind the scenes numbers say 583 different people visited here yesterday.  The Clubhouse has 1233 members and we get a couple new ones every day, 22,273 photos, 2056 videos, 524 songs on the music player, 1050 forum topics, 88 groups and 179 blog posts!!!  Plus an infinite amount of ideas and inspiration...

You have to admit that some of the most creative people and instruments are here, folks that are generous with their knowledge and tips & tricks.  I hope I can hold on to this place, watch it grow and continue to help folks learn to build and play incredible, unique instruments.

Thanks for your support!


Done!  I love the site, Ted.  Keep up the good work!  Mike.

Thanks Mike!!

Sounds easy enough!  I have some plastic that will go great for this challenge, haha!


Thanks Jaak!!

Thanks Elmar!!

Good to know some of you support the Clubhouse and what I do!

Bit late for this, but never really too late for a great cause. Super site.

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