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Let's discuss the 5 Star rating system and especially how it applies to videos at the Clubhouse.  

Here's my take.  

The Clubhouse is a place where everyday people can learn how to build an instrument and also learn how to play it.  It's also an atmosphere where anyone should be able to post a video without fear of ridicule.  We use what we have and are proud of what we can accomplish.  None of us expect a recording contract, we are just proud and want to share with friends doing the same thing as us.

Lately someone has been going through the videos here and posting 1 star.  I'd like to think that it's not just a vengeful act.  I'd like to...  It's happening at the nation too.

I don't judge the quality of the video, the lighting, the sound levels and the slick editing techniques.  I look at the spirit of the player.  Even if it's framed so you can't see their head LOL. 

You can't rate these as if you are an America's Got Talent judge.  There are some vids here from established performers, but mostly it's us in our living rooms on something we made wishing we had more tools while planning our next one.  If you just watched the latest Brad Paisley video and only gave that a 4, put on different glasses when you get here.

Or, just stop being a dick mi amigo...


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I saw that someone had one stared a bunch of the retreat photos today. They are photos that I wouldnt have thought to even rate until I saw that and I started going through and hitting 5 stars on all the ones they had 1stared.

Ive never let the star thing bother me. I noticed it happening right after I started building and posting on both sites. I figure if its criticism worth listening to, then someone will actually comment. (which they have, and I've learned from)

I absolutely hate videos where I can hear someone breathing, but they spend 4 minutes turning and instrument around and around pointing out stuff in silence. Just open your mouth and tell me what it is already!?!?! BUT, I dont 1 start those videos because its a weird pet-peeve of mine. I just back out and go to another video. And even as much as it's drives me nuts, Ive seen some vids like that where the build itself demanded me to 5 start it...

Being a pecker-head for no reason is classless. Again, if they dont leave a comment, dont let it bother you, but it sure would be nice to track the turd whos doing it.

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