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this is a great guitar tuner. the best thing is you can input just about any tuning and it can handle it.
check out http://www.get-tuned.com/guitar_tuner.php

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I really like the freeware AP tuner http://www.aptuner.com/cgi-bin/aptuner/apmain.html and for complete novices the bar on the right lets you know exactly where you are before fine tuning with the meter so you don't overshoot and break the strings. Also it lets you do drop D tuning, tune a bass, violin, viola and cello. You need a computer with a microphone to use it.
I use that AP tuner as well, very nice. Has all the alternate tunings built-in.

Unfortunately, the thing doesn't seem to like my new headset-microphone! I got one of those clamp-on "intellitouch" tuners for my B-day, very handy for someone with a lot of different instruments.

PS....My new guitar, a Yamaha APX-500, has a built-in tuner. Very handy!

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