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I recently purchased a plastic laser cut template, but wasn't happy with it, as the inlay marks are too big to use as a drill guide.   A good friend of mine has the equivalent of a ShopBot, and cut a template for me from acrylic using a 1/16" end mill.  The accuracy on this template is great, and it's nice and flexible, where the other one I bought cracked right away.

He has the layout for a 25" scale ready to go.  If there is enough interest, he'd be willing to make more, or perhaps build one to another scale...

On the other hand:  If anybody has a good idea for precision cut items, I'm listening!

John Sawyer

San Diego, CA.   

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depending on price inc shipping to uk.john

I've been wondering where to buy router templates for humbuckers, lipsticks, P90s and single coils.  Thus far I've been cutting mine with Forstner bits and chisel (which works fine, but I've heard router is much faster and easier).

There are a lot of online sources for that, my friend can cut just about anything, but it wouldn't be very cost effective.

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