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Don`t this type get mounted on the end of the fretboard. Was thinkin of trying one myself.
Yes it does, and only $14.95
If you click on the 'detailed description' from the above link it shows a picture.
that the style i use all the time

This looks like a good deal. As far as mounting this thing, are you supposed to drill holes in the fretboard? I'm not drilling holes in my 12 string. This would be good for a build or a beater. Maybe some double sided tape.


Slim designed Mini humbucker pickup ready to fit on the end of your fretboard.
A great solution for adding or replacing a pickup on difficult installations such as archtops,
hollow body or acoustic guitars.
Output is 7.6k. Tabs have pre drilled holes for easy mounting.
4 lead wires to allow for standard humbucker wiring or split, reverse phase, etc...

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