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I took some really nice wood in part ex for my old car not long back, and im itching to do something with it.

I have this idea of building an acoustic, but with a twist.

Sod all that steaming and bending, Im going angular, box shaped, with offset soundholes and an electric guitar neck bolted on to a thru piece of oak - I reckon the thru neck (relieved under the soundboard of course) should help the sustain a bit? I might stick some 'lectrics in it too, so it may become more of a semi acoustic.

My question is this - the wood I have is about 1/8" thick, but not exactly even. Do I build my frame, stick it all together, then sand it to an even finish in situ? Seems like the way to me.

And where the two halves (its book matched) butt up, is putting a seam up the inside (ie a piece 1" x 1/8" full length) going to deaden the sound?

Any thoughts??

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Go for it and answer your own questions. Here's the first guitar I ever built, the BoSS:

THICK plywood and built with no real understanding of what I was doing and it sounds great. It could be louder acoustic, but that's why God created amplifiers.

Ben, you've seen enough of our builds to know you can do anything. Maybe it's time for you to slap one together with no regard for everything being smooth and even. And no, a strip shouldn't deaden the sound, in fact unless the bookmatch is perfectly perfect I prefer a strip to draw your eye away from the imperfections.
never built a regular acoustic. just CBG. Jim Mitchell has done some I believe. Do you know him?
Well, I was gonna wade in an have a go anyways! lol

Im gonna build it like I would a partition wall - build up a frame work then jus clad it in my nice wood :o)
Thanks Hogs - your reso looks like a pro job for sure!
Il maybe make a start over xmas and see where it goes - no doubt Il be in touch!!
it's easy

buy jonathin kenkade book on building an acustic guitar.good book good pics etc
Oh, ok then... Il have it knocked up by tomorrow lunchtime! :o) hehe

James Bernard said:
it's easy

Ben, I've built a mandolin and a uke, fully acoustic, but all found scrap materials. Bending the sides isn't that hard, but my mistakes were not taking the time to make a proper bending iron, and not using a proper mould to from the body (otherwise it's dificult to get it symmetrical and keep the sides perpendicular to the top). With side bending, it's the heat that does the bending, the wood is only dampened, it's not actually steamed. So far I've not done a full guitar sized instrument..I've already got enough to do without investing time and money in more kit that might not get used much.

Joining the top - a neat butt joint will do providing the top has got some form of soundboard bracing...although backs are usually joined with the benefit of a strip over the joint as well.

I'm currently making some boxes for my reso box guitars, all just fabricated from oak and mahogany faced ply..it's a lot easier than bending the damn stuff! I laminate-up the sides to give me more glueing surface and to give more strength, but you could go trad. style and use a light kerfing strip to increase the glueing surface between sides and top (tho' it wouldn't need to be kerfed as you aren't bending it).
Here is a bender picture I stole from another site.

Wow, thanks guys! Well, it does kinda look more involved than I was thinking, but Im sure some of this stuff will be invaluable.

Prolly wont get a start until after xmas now, but Il keep y'all posted once thew errors start!! :o)
Stiffening the top helps improve its sound, not detract from it. Adding too much weight to it can deaden it, though, so it's a balance. Typically you would use braces, tone bars, and a bridge patch, along with kerfing on the sides, not to mention a finish on the top. Many people dome their instruments for much the same reason (that's one among several reasons). I don't see any reason a slim shim of wood up the middle would deaden the sound, though I might shoot for something thinner than 1/8.

Caveat: I'm a nube, I've built one CBU successfully, and I'm closing in on a couple more. I have witnessed first hand that increasing top tension improves the sound of an instrument. It's like a drum, best drum in the world isn't going to sound very good if that top isn't tight. I've also overbuilt one, that sound a little dull when you tap on it. Not eager to string that one up...
I just received the Jonathin Kenkade book the other day. It is a nice one and I'm thinking I may have to try building a "regular" guitar someday. The book make it look very doable.

Just got a question and I'm going to ask. Hope it is not too stupid of a question, but what is the differences between an acoustical and a classical guitar?

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