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I took some really nice wood in part ex for my old car not long back, and im itching to do something with it.

I have this idea of building an acoustic, but with a twist.

Sod all that steaming and bending, Im going angular, box shaped, with offset soundholes and an electric guitar neck bolted on to a thru piece of oak - I reckon the thru neck (relieved under the soundboard of course) should help the sustain a bit? I might stick some 'lectrics in it too, so it may become more of a semi acoustic.

My question is this - the wood I have is about 1/8" thick, but not exactly even. Do I build my frame, stick it all together, then sand it to an even finish in situ? Seems like the way to me.

And where the two halves (its book matched) butt up, is putting a seam up the inside (ie a piece 1" x 1/8" full length) going to deaden the sound?

Any thoughts??

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thank you

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