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what would be the best choice for a 4 string cbg from a 6 pack of .012, .016, .024 .032 .042 .053?

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Depends how you want to tune it !!! If you use the 4 small strings and use it like a Tenor... and then the possible other tunings are endless ..

Thanks Jawbone for getting back to me. I want to build a CBG and all I have so far

are the strings, Box, and a magnetic pickup.

I guess I should have mentioned, I wont be playing any rock or heavy type music, mainly

blues, gospel, and country, and I will be using a SLIDE mostly. I just want mellow clean

sounds. I understand that I can use different tunings. I'm new at this and just want to see

what others are using mostly out of a 6 pack, between .012,.016,.024,.032, OR .016, .024,

.032,.042. considering my type music.   Thanks

I have only made one 4 string - but you may find a lot of info here:


I stick with the skinny strings for 4 stringers, only because I'm used to playing them tuned in open G. Same as 5 string banjo without the 5th. string. And the 4 highest pitched strings on a 6 string when tuned to G.

Thanks, that is what I'm going to do. I thought about using the middle strings,

but the top ones are probably better. Thanks again

Maybe depends on the key in which you like to sing..

Makes sense, but I don't sing

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