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I have been reading post by you and Diane and I still don't get it completely being totally new ad'it.

She stated use only 0,3,7,10,12 (option 6).  Ok I don't get the 0 where is this? I know it means no fret by from where?  Can you use any scale and use these fret marks?

I'm totally ignorant to this, help me out Please, Sonny

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O fret refers to an open strum or pluck, no finger or slide involvement. I usually mark my stuff 3,5,7,12 fret. Just working those dots will give you pretty fair basic blues. Slide fret dots go right at the frets, rather than in between like a regular guitar tho I don't spose it makes much difference in the long run.

Thanks, another question does this work on any scale?

Yea it works on any scale.


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