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hi guys !!, so today i recieve a mail from "Decibel guitare" , a French magazine, ( a good one here !!), they have made a little story about cigarbox guitar,,  and they have choose one of my build !!,( for Mr Carl Wyatt !! ) and this cbg was build with one of the great pickup from our bro. Ted Crocker !!,  and they have mention it !!, all the article is in french  but i can tell you that is a good one !!, 

this is the link !!

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Way to go Ted!!!!!
Congrats to both you and Ted!!! Thanks for posting the link. It is nice that they included lots of photos of your build. Those of us who don't read French can click a translate button on a google toolbar and most words come out okay, enough to tell that it is a good one.
great job Oliver and Ted
WOO HOOOOOO, we're worldwide! Congrats Tinq, lookin' good.
That is fantastic.
Very cool man.. google didn't translate it very well for me, but i got the gist... kudos!
I didnt understand a word of it, but Im sure its good!!! Awesome, bout time too.

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