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I don't have a drum kit and drummers money is tight.

I have bongos and khartals. Any I ideas someone?

I was thinking to use bongos with hit-hat and crash or cymbal. For bass suitcase etc.

Making stompbox with amp as same price like buying cheaper canjo. 

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Pots and pans from the kitchen!

It's bettered now, Bob has new pics!

buy a floor tom old cheap. get a bass peddle reverse the beater so it beats up. find a piece of mettle drill holes to put the legs thru clamp the peddle to it. i got a washboard cow bell and a skinned tambourine. dry wall bucket old cymbals toy hi hat ad splash and mr Bo Jangles rods or brushes sounds good the washboard or the tamd sound somewhat like a snare 25 zip ties thanks ted

This one turned out sounding great, and it certainly didn't cost much to make, $3 for the pot at flea market, about the same for some auto radiator hose clamps, and the bottom half of the container the local bakery packs their pies in. Recycling code #1 (PETE) shrinks when heated with a heat gun. Same technique could be used with various size cans, buckets, bins, and tins. to make a great kit. although I'd recommend the plates of the round cake shells  over the pie container bowls.    http://handmademusicclubhouse.com/photo/copper-pot-drum

In one of her photo albums Mom has a pic of me sound asleep in the middle of the kitchen floor after wearing myself out on  a kit like that.

And Jim, now you went and got Bobby Bare "Singin' in the Kitchen (banging on the pots and pans)" stuck in my head. 

jim said:

Pots and pans from the kitchen!

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