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I'm probably going to make a "How To" tutorial out of the building of this instrument.  The first person to guess what it is (precisely) will win a complete set of my "how to's", including


"How to build a CBG",

"How to Build a Bolt-on Neck (Fender) Style CBG",

"How to Build a Canjo", 

"How to Play a Canjo" (including a canjo songbook)

 and the most recent "How to Build a ?????????". 


I'll probably be throwing this build log up for everybody's use by the weekend.


Enjoy.... the best,


Wichita Sam



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the "detail" has to do with construction material....

Harrison said:
danelectro style baritone 6 string?
looks like mahogany with a maple fretboard, but that might be too obvious, so I'm going to go with engineered lumber with a maple fretboard.



standard scale.... everything else you are right on... except for the last material of construction detail....  therefore, I'm awarding you the first prize set and there is a second set of tutorials, if anyone can figure what makes this build totally (to my knowledge) unique.....


the best,


Wichita Sam

Harrison said:

danelectro style baritone 6 string?
is it the fretboard or the primary wood that is unique? the fret board looks a little on thick side...is it ceramic?

Is that a formica body?


Ding!  Ding! Ding!  We have our second winner... instead of the Masonite of the Danelectro's, I landed a load of unused formica kitchen counter tops.... I cut clamshell halves, hollowed out a semi-hollow structure and added a neck, bolt-on style...  the pic is the glue up of  the halves after the installation of the pups, switch, and controls.....


I'll post a builder's blog/slideshow by the weekend... almost done!


the best,


Wichita Sam


By the way, I need Wade and Harrison to send me their email addresses so that I can send links to their prizes... - WS

Wade said:

Is that a formica body?


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