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building a 5-string electric bass - request for reference

I am interested in building a bass that is a hybrid of inexpensive parts and decent wood.

I have a large cherry slab that isn't quite big enough for full-sized bodies, so I'm thinking a Klein-style small body with leg-rest cutaway, and hopefully can make a guitar body and a bass body.

I may go with a 'through' neck for some reason, and have a set of 5 strings. Kind of a weird set of preliminary design criteria, but that's what I started with...so I bought a 5-position tailpiece, 2+3 set of 5 tuners, and a P-Bass style cheap single coil pickup 'set'.

I am going to try and do the neck and body properly, so if it actually gets done properly, I can improve the hardware and pickups at a later date, if desired.

Since I am not building from a kit or plan, I'm hoping I can glean some tips on determining proper dimensions based on my tailpiece, pickup, etc...things like how high above the body the fingerboard should be to allow proper clearance above the pickup poles...


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