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the slideshow depicts the steps to build a custom CBG.  Worked with client on all design elements and materials selection... He got updates pics every day or two...  Secret to a great build is good material selection and solid building skills...   enjoy...



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Nice work Sam!  Thanks for sharing.

thanks Ted.... I'll be posting my formica/counter top build tomorrow night....



Nice build Sam, and cool presentation.



Thanks, folks have been asking for more complete build logs, so I took a lot of pics on this one....


the best,


Wichita Sam

Sanddraggin said:

Nice build Sam, and cool presentation.

Very nice and enjoyed the way you presented it


thanks Moedecker,


People have been asking for more complete presentations, so I thought I'd help out Ted's request for build blogs with this one and the CTG blog.  I know why more guys don't do this.  Besides the building and the initial photography (with a Sony 12 mp point and shoot), processing the photos and assembling the slideshow including descriptions took about 3 hours.   While I can't spend this kind of time on every build, I am glad to offer this information occassionally,


the best,


Wichita Sam

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