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As I've spent a lot of time building CBGs, canjos, whamolas and percussion instruments, an arts organisation here in Glasgow have asked me to lead the construction of a 'Skiffle Orchestra' - (think of a jug band for 40 young musicians!) 

I have no problem with the string instruments and the percussion, and many of the items will be fitted with pick-ups, what I need is advice / suggestions for wind and brass style instruments...

I'm thinking of large, electric kazoos, jugs, hose-pipe and funnel trumpets, old car horns, penny whistles, tin flutes, wooden flutes and pan pipes...

Mouthpieces are a mystery to me...Will anything replicate a trumpet mouthpiece? and I'm assuming that reed instruments can't 'really' be replicated from junk...or can they? If anyone can do it, it's the folks on this forum!

The junk orchestra of Paraguay is a huge source of inspiration, as is a BBC documentary 'scrapheap Orchestra - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b017zn47

I really don't want to replicate a classical orchestra though... the aim is to put together a huge 21st century jug band, and celebrate the late, great father of skiffle music, Lonnie Donegan who came from Glasgow.

If anyone knows how to make a home-made fiddle bow, (alternatives to horse hair?) I would be keen to learn!

Cheers. Compliments, applause and respect

mrjonthehat - www.haufcut.com

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OK - I had a crack at making a plastic tubing saxophone / oboe / duduk today... and it turned out better than expected for a first attempt... It took less than ten minutes and cost me fifty (Scottish) pence.

Video clip here:


Tomorrow, I'll attempt a fishing line and tent pole fiddle bow ! hahaha

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