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Im wanting to build a hybrid guitar for someone and i have a bunch of pegs but no bass pegs . just wondering if it would work or rip the peg apart . ive never seen a bass up close before . i know my necks strong enough ,im 240lbs and i can  bounce on it with it laying between two bricks . just dont trust the pegs . what do you guys think ?

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If you can fit the string end in the tuning machine, go for it!. 

I suspect you'll *ahem* explode your head, but feel free to try it out. The one bass I've made so far I fitted with bass heads, those strings look strong!

yeah did some research . ill just buy some pegs . 

I'll start my own thread for my own questions, but my bass tuners I ordered from a Chinese seller through Amazon arrived today.

I wanted 5 tuners, black, and cheapest things I could get. Not entirely smooth, but seem to have no backlash, looks like 18-19:1. Only took 18 days from China.


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