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I'm building another cbg. Going to use a Elmer flatpup for the pickup. I've read somewhere that the position of the pickup on the sound board can make a difference in the sound. (closer to the fret board or bridge). Any comments on this? I'm trying to get away from too much sensitivity from the neck that I've had with piezos. 

Also the strings I have been using with piezo pickups have been acoustic. Should I use electric instead?


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Closer to the neck is deeper and grittier.  Closer to the bridge is clearer and louder.  

You won't get any handling noise with a mag pup.  Ground the strings.  Use electric strings.

Thanks Ted!  I'm building a through neck design. The strings will be attached to the rear. How could I ground the strings? Use a metal bridge and ground it?

  I've just started the build. I can change the string attachment if necessary.

Thanks for the info.


Metal bridge or tailpiece is ideal.  Or conductive tape on the tailpiece.

I have another question on the flatpup. How close should it be to the strings? I'm just now getting to the finishing steps.

Here's a page with good basic info regarding piezos, as well as adjusting the height of mag pickups:


Thanks for the link Jim. Good info!

What kind of metal is good - anything? I've been looking online for some kind of metal rod I could cut to size. Can't find anything. Do you have any ideas?

Ted Crocker said:

Metal bridge or tailpiece is ideal.  Or conductive tape on the tailpiece.

I use brass rod found in Ace Hardware.

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