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I am addicted to cbg's and want everyone to know it. Can anyone send me a sticker to place on my truck? My address is mj correll 1429 west Ferrell olathe KS 66061.if you are builder of cbg I would be proud to place your sticker on my truck. Thanks in advance if you can help. Marty

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Marty - looks like there are no cbg decals out there. Would you consider printing your own out on heavy card stock? Then take it down to whoever has a laminating machine and get them to coat it in plastic (UPS parcel service ?, printing shop?) Then you can tape it inside the back windshield. It won't last too long because of the UV rays but at least you'll have a decal for a while. Then you can make a new one!

CBG decals would be like promoting a novelty.

Here is a website with some instructions:

Not quite the same, but I was given a custom made hot brand to mark my work, then free hand the sequential number after it with a poker. 94 is on the bench right now, my first twin neck. Lacking that, how about just leaving one on the gun rack?

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