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The Wood And Metal Build-Off Challenge WINNER ANNOUNCED

The Challenge:- Build a musical instrument combining wood and metal in an interesting/unusual way.

**1st prize is an awesome custom rod piezo bridge by Randy S. Bretz's (thanks randy!)**

                                         The Results Are In!

C#Merle - Metal Head Guitar



Julian Perry - The Kettle Strum

The Phryigan Kid - The Electric Moo Harp

The Contenders

Julian Perry - The Kettle Strum

Okay, here's my effort! The Kettle-Strum. Not how I originally planned it - was meant to have an aluminium neck with wooden fretboard attached, but found it was beyond my milling skills at the moment! So it's just a stove-top kettle, with idigbo neck, sapele fretboard and detail, white oak bridge, piezo embedded in bridge, vol pot, output jack in spout, drilled sound hole and buffalo horn nut.

jerzy mojo - Jerry-Can Bass

Hey there, here's the Jerry Can Bass for the metal and wood challenge, sounds great, video to follow

 c# merle - Metal-Head Guitar

Here is my entry to the challenge.  Not what i was originally aiming for but here goes-

23.5 inch scale walnut neck with zebrano fretboard;  steel nut; paua shell position markers; accelerator pedal headstock with zebra veneer inlay and brake pedal tailpiece.

teabox trimmed with sheet aluminium and steel thumb bolt bridge.

mini chrome humbucker with tone and volume

Wade- The Johnny Walker Red

My entry The Johnny Walker Red -I'm really proud of this one- too bad it's already out of the shop. It's in good hands now anyway - enjoy.


Ted Crocker- The Ugly Duckling/Beautiful Swan

Well folks, I needed the creative kick in the butt this challenge gave me. My understanding from the beginning was we were challenged to start with the Ugliest Duckling cigar box or most beat up or most annoying box, the one you'd never consider for an instrument, and turn it into a Beautiful Swan.  


Here's what I started with. Incomplete, broken pieces from two similar 1886 boxes. No tops and an extra back and two sides that weren't the same size. I got them from Wichita Sam who passed them over for his build thinking it was impossible. 


PERFECT for the Ugly Duckling/Beautiful Swan Challenge!!!!! 


Here's the Ugly Duckling:

The Phrygian Kid - The Electric Moo Harp

well friends my entry for your prestigious build off is this leaping cow electric moo harp

as you probably know the moo harp is the traditional instrument of my people, it is used to summon the herds for milking and to signal the beginning of the cheese festival.  To the best of my knowledge there has never been an electric one before, but none of my people had electricity before neither.

read on for more details of the builds - good luck guys

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Didn't we once talk about a comp where the only materials used were salvaged from a wooden Pallet?

I've finally got a plan together on what to build for this Challenge. Now it's time to acquire the materials. There's been no response for a month so I'm just wondering if y'all are still in?

yes still in mr sanddraggin. started work on mine - long way to go yet.

good luck guys!

Ok im in.
By Jan 31st.....sure count me in I gotta buncha stuff layin around.....metal makes me lean to the pile of car parts I have...this could get fun!

can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

if anyone wants in on the challenge, step on up - the more the merrier!

Please add me to the challenge - jerzy mojo

I'm in too, and have some junk lying around which I have put off using because I'm not a great fan of working with metal!

junk rules! let's get creative

Julian Perry said:

I'm in too, and have some junk lying around which I have put off using because I'm not a great fan of working with metal!

arrgghh! my entry has hit a terminal snag!! time to move onto plan b...once you bend metal it's tough to get back into shape. reminds me why i love wood and not cold steel lol

I got started on mine and I love working with steel so this is right up my Alley. The trick C# is not to work with it cold, I let the heat do the hard work...LOL

how you guys getting on?

had to change plans on my effort (due to my neck metal being bent right out of shape), so plan b coming along nicely.

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