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hello club..! do you remember when there used to be "monthly challenges" in the clubhouse..?!?
the "steampunk" and "kitchen sink" challenges..?!?
whatever happened to them..?!?
i would like to know if any of you are ready to go fearless into
the building challenges again..!
any suggestions for new ones..?!?

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I`ll donate a custom 1/2 n 1/2 slide

One F said:
1..a month is not really enuff.. u want quality.. make it 3 months, even if there are 2 running concurrently, not a problem..
i think more ppl will make the effort if given a little more time..
2.. to raise the profile of em a little, lets have some prizes ?? I will donate a neck sometime.. surely a few others will donate something ?
thanks randy, wow thats a handsome prize...

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