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hello club..! do you remember when there used to be "monthly challenges" in the clubhouse..?!?
the "steampunk" and "kitchen sink" challenges..?!?
whatever happened to them..?!?
i would like to know if any of you are ready to go fearless into
the building challenges again..!
any suggestions for new ones..?!?

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auto parts, construction site, first aid kit, office supply, tool shed, glass, cartoons, sports, animals, old tech gadgets, outer space/sci fi, plumbing, happy holidays, mail man, blow me, sports, plank, beat me,

The last one we started was Auto Parts, but there was no real interest. I've been talking up new challenges for a few weeks now, it's time.

Let me know what you think. Pick up on Auto Parts where we left off before a lot of y'all grew 2 necks??? HAAAAA
good one..! ;)
Yep, Maybe one in the month is too much. Maybe there is more interesting if it's like 3-4 challenges in a year.
Hey I'm in... sounds like fun. Having joined too late and seeing the photos of previous challenges was like "drats, I missed that" so I like the idea of extended time beyond a month or even having some of the challenges open for the year or whatever, perhaps a mix - some short term and some long term?
i agree. we all usually have builds on the go, so one challenge every 3 months would leave time to get a challenge cbg together.

jaakko ryynanen said:
Yep, Maybe one in the month is too much. Maybe there is more interesting if it's like 3-4 challenges in a year.
Im good with 90 day minimums? Or like Ted was talking about no time limit at all. I wanted to be in the steampunk challenge but knew there was no way I was gonna locate and collect all the parts I wanted to have my build done in time. I have passed up multiple parts at yard sales since that challenge because I didnt want to post an entry into the sreampunk months after it was over and make people think I am like some kinda steampunk addict. I normally dont care for themed guitars but that one intriuged me due to the vintage appeal that comes with the CBG anyways. Maybe each challenge could be never ending. Maybe moderators of each challenge, or members only could vote on the best entry every 3 months(if the challenge was active during that period) The last challenge I was involved in was a no wood challenge and due to votes comming from friends and coworkers (that werent even members) A winner was posted that had the largest email address book. And to top it off his fretboard was Bamboo! I dont care if you think bamboo is grass. The portion of the bamboo used in this particular build wasnt the green leafy crap on top, but the brown hard woodlike substance the green grows out of. Im sure all of the members from back then will remember my protest. Ok Im done crying.
My ideas are
1.Current member voting rights only. Meaning nobody that joins the clubhouse that day can vote.
2. Minimum 90 day build times
3.Winners are responsible for the shipping charges of thier prize if a prize is offered. This is only fair to the person offering a prize. And makes it possible for people outside the USA to win when they rightfully should.
there you go ted... get your hands on that..!
After seeing legnahkra's build, I vote for a gourd challenge. But you knew that already.
i'm in..! :D
i am cool with a longer time frame, it takes me some time to get my builds finished.
I would love to see a video challenge - could be an instructional on or a performance based on a theme.
1..a month is not really enuff.. u want quality.. make it 3 months, even if there are 2 running concurrently, not a problem..
i think more ppl will make the effort if given a little more time..
2.. to raise the profile of em a little, lets have some prizes ?? I will donate a neck sometime.. surely a few others will donate something ?
3. I respectfully suggest there could be better themes, sorry..
the doubleneck one over the road inspired a lot of ppl as a theme, lets think about why ppl did that and not auto parts rather than grizzle about it.. ?

Video is an awesome idea Mr Wade..
eg.. pick an obscure ethnic instrument no-ones ever heard of, make one of those (SITAR !!!)...... ergonomic build, educational build, LOWECONE build !!, craziest or most innovative circuit..

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