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Hello fellow clubhouse members. I was hoping someone could tell me a cheap way to ship CBG's. I found a place here in PA that will pack and ship in the US for around $25, but I just sold one to someone in Australia, and I believe it's going to break me if I use that service. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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it will break you to ship to australia or japan. it will also break you to ship in the USA hawaii, guam, puerto rico, oregon, washington state, alaska. international USP first class to australia im taking that its queensland and im taking that its ultra light youre looking at 36 usd shipping maybe more. can you beleive i can ship to england cheaper than i can ship to oregon or alaska?
It's going to Wagga Wagga, less than 3 lbs. I figured USPS would be cheapest. I'll probably have to make the box as small as possible. Yes, shipping costs don't make sense in a lot of cases.  Thanks a lot for your help, Billy.
it goes by size not weight if its over 36" the length width and thickness added up you have to do the long form and it will be at least 36 bucks maybe more by now.
you can check usps.com and click on "calculate postage" to have a better idea. i always ship my cbgs via priority mail, insured and with tracking number from puerto rico to the States and it costs me around $20. like billy said, it's all about the size. try to make the box as small as you can..!
Thanks guys!

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