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If you think you'd be able to join us on the north side of Chicago in late March, let me know.  I'm looking at space and want to know how much space we'd need.  Back room at a tavern, full performance space at the Old Town School, or something in between.

Mostly for builders and friends of builders, but might open it up to the wider universe if we want to.

Let me know if you are in, or even a tentative in.
(I've posted this at the Nation, too.  Wanna cast the net wide!)

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Diane, where abouts in Chicago and what dates?
Looking at Sunday March 21 or March 28, an afternoon thing.
I can get space as well if it were in the northern burbs, etc..

I've been giggin around here pretty regularly for a few years now, there are a few taverns that will let me do about whatever I want to.. with proper notice. Looking forward to whatever we decide.

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