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yes, we use to joke about the cigar box "bandwagon' and if china would jump on board...we'll its official!

here is a cigar box "type' uke that they are now MASS PRODUCIING ..by "fox music"and selling on ebay!...these are the same people selling products under "cigar box guitar" keywords and watering down the catagory making it hard for eveyone else to sell becuse theier products pop up first!


your hobby has now been outsourced!





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Like everything the far east will copy anything they feel they are going to make money on, and like everything they do copy they seem to make well.

Ultimately they do make mass produced copies using cheaper components, but lets face it the factories that will produce these guitars probably don't have a musician on the shop floor.

The originality of the instruments we build makes them more appealing than mass produced stuff, I would much rather by a one off hand crafted piece than a instrument mass produced in the 1000's.

Unfortunately this mass production will mean that we are uanable to reach the selling price we would like, but this should only effect the more basic instruments we make, for beginers/collectors/wall decoration etc.

These instruments, from the far east, look reasonable but obviously factory made, they will probably flood the market but eventually end up in discount stores, and be sold as kids instruments (hopefully).

I think we need to keep an eye on things, but to be honest, I have been building CBG's for over 4 years and the best selling atribute is that each and every one I build is different and unique, not one I build is like another, there is simalarities of course, hand crafted is best.

well said!

The funny thing is, ELEUKE has been selling these for a few years now, at least since 2010.

So, nobody noticed until just now?

LOL Don't get frustrated with China. Industrialization has been a lot closer to home for centuries. Advertise. People who are interested in learning to build for themselves or seeking a quality customized build will always be more interested in dealing with a local builder who they can have real interaction.          

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