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Cigar Box Guitar pickups ~ 3 & 4 String ~ 1880's Tobacco Art Pickups

Hi all,

I am working on a bunch of new ideas for cigar box guitar pickup designs that fit 3 and 4 string neck thru guitars.

If you would like to make your cigar box guitar have a unique look and feel, these pickups are much more interesting to look at then shinny chrome parts ( which are great, I use them too!) ....But these have a Old West Americana look that will make your guitar a really wonderful to look at instrument and totally make your work stand out.

Here is a sample below, I am making them in both light and dark woods, but you can see more or I can mail you one , they are super easy to install on any guitar.

 Visit http://www.reddogguitars.com/  and just email me, even of you are just curious, don't be shy, email me!

Once again you can see the other designs I have or just email me at my site,  

visit  http://www.reddogguitars.com/

Thanks for your time, John 

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I updated the video, its here,

email me anytime!

Here is some more samples

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