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Hi all!

Hope everyone is having fun over the Cristmas Holidays!

I wanted to post here about the Cigar Box Guitar Movie.

In 2010 I speant a few months recording and editing a homemade movie about cigar box guitars and music.

I no longer plan to print them and sell them, it is to much work, I am going to foucs on the cigar box guitar music CDS.

 so good news for all, It will Now be free to watch, you don't have to order the DVD

I am uploading it on youtube and it will be posted at homemade-guitars.com for all to view anytime,

Its alomst 2 hours long so it will take a full day to upload, my computer speed is slow on uploading long files.

Anyways, you can enjoy this opening trailer video here right now, but, this is just the intro, there is lots of guitar playing and info that and you are sure to enjoy.

and visit home-made guitars.com to see the full movie

if you don't see it on the front page, just check back, it will take awhile to upload the video, but it will be posted for all to enjoy

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