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That's right, CBGBs.

I'd be interested in hearing if and how you folks build cases for your CBGs.


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I made this one with a luan plywood skin, masonite reinforcement on the sides and brass hardware. I used a can of spray, expanding insulation foam to form fit it for the guitar - wrapped the git in a plastic bag and pushed it in until it almost set. Sanded it smooth then used spray adhesive to attach cloth and a piece of clothesline to hide the ugly edge. I also wrapped a junk piece of sofa cushion in fabric and mounted it to secure the body down. A shaped piece of 2 X 4 cutoff lined with leather with a leather strap with velcro secures the neck. Since this shot I mounted a similar Romeo y Julieta box as the guitar body to hold cables, etc.

There is a company in Valdia Georgia called Savannahluggage.com that will build you a case. The problem is being a proto type i thought was too expensive for me unless you lets say need 100s.You would have to turn over a lot of guitars.I don't!So my wife found a gig bag made by Fender fro muscians friend, $30 etc,kind of triangular shape etc.Will fit most CBGs.Check these out.


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