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Hey guys, 

I'm cleanin off the shelves and I'm letting go of my cigar box collection. There's somewhere close to 80 boxes in total of various sizes. Mostly good for guitars, a few I picked up for amps or storage boxes. A few of the boxes may have a light amount of soot on them from exposure to smoke but with some TLC it all comes off. Individual boxes are $3 plus shipping, I'm more than happy to do bulk deals, need them all gone. If you're interested shoot me an email. 



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looking for some solid wood boxes can you help?

Any JFR 770 boxe's or similar size amongst them ?

Sorry for the silence! I do have solid wood boxes, mostly Padron and a couple others, how many do you need ozziebob?

Martin, sorry no JFR boxes to speak of, what size do you need?

Approx 11" x 8" x 4 " or bigger if possible ?

including freight to Brisbane Australia $100 worth

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