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http://www.cigarhistory.info ....great site to research cigar boxes, cigar makers and related info. To get into the site to see everything...click on the target where it says read the Museum story....then scroll down to the bottom of page and click on...NCHM Home.....lots to see and read.  Really cool site !!!!

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Wow, lots of interesting info on boxes, thanks for the link...

That is an interesting site.

On an episode of Antiques Roadshow, I once saw a jacket made from the silks that held the bundles of cigars together in the box. Each silk had the name of the cigar brand on it. From what I remember, many of the names were similar to the boxes shown in the website.

So that sort of puts it all together, as those boxes are empty (except for the one with foil wrapped cigars).



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