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Anybody out there own, plan to own, built or plan to build a cnc router? I've gotten the bug to build one myself and thought if there was enough interest here I would share my experience in some kind of a build log or something like that. Maybe share some info back and forth if there are any other cnc'ers out there. My plans are part on paper and part in my head and I've already started buying materials and played around with some different ideas on linnear motion...homemade of course. This is an on the cheap as I can make it project with hardware I can find at the local do it yourself store. I made those rules right from the start.....OK my wife made those rules right from the start....but it sounded like a challenge to me. Any input?

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I haven't built one but I sure would like to. You might get some ideas for yours in this discussion COPY CARVER - Have you built one?

Good luck and keep us posted.
I've looked into the duplicators like the Copy Carver and have had alot of interest in making one but when I started researching them I came across a small, scattered around the world group of people building these cnc machines and had to give it a try. Will definitly keep posting on my progress....good or bad....and hope to find some others interested in this.
Yea I've looked at that site. Pretty cool stuff there. I've been getting alot of ideas from a site called Build your own cnc. Very cool. The guy has a wealth of information that's dosen't take a degree in computer science to understand.

DeDa Badaddy (AndyE) said:
I would love to have one , I would buy the K2 brand pre made myself. But if you want to build one , a diy go to you tube and see what others have done. If you go to ebay and search for stepper motors or how to books there are some real good items . I am a machine builder and inventer by trade, I have found that if someone makes the thing you are looking for its in the long run cheaper just to buy it.
Also on ebay there are lots of folks that will sell you a pre machined frame to start your project with. Also look at Shop Bot brand at around $700 for a complete machine. And China makes them low priced as well.

hope this helps


Did you go down the path of building a CNC router. I'm in the middle of scratch building one and found your post.



I built one using CNC Router Parts 2x4 kit. I highly recommend their products. I recently started a cigar box guitar. The holes the machine made on the lacquer top are perfect without any chipping of the paint.

I have finally built my router from plans. It's working great. 

Check out this video of ukulele fret board works. Slots cut, pocket holes milled for marker dots and fretboard cut to size.




WOW Daryl!

Fantastic!  Very cool. 

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