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How about this one - a concrete block guitar


....you too can also have a concrete block for a guitar if you buy the special piezo bridge for £233.87 (http://www.astrings.co.uk/Lashbrook_Naturacoustic_piezo_bridge)

Or instead you could just build a cigar box guitar, stick in a piezo disc and have loads of cash left over ;O)


It would be interesting to see how it compares to a piezo disc.

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Old news /old hype , but thanks

Or, you could have Bairfoot Cajun make you a brick guitar:


Or you can make your own piezo bridges like these. They work on both solid bodies and acoustic guits. The 2 piezo`s are buried in hot glue underneath the carved bone saddle.
I think Bairfoot Cajun could make a guitar out of a bucket of warm soapy water and a wet noodle and have it sound awesome!

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