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Crazy guitar/Ted is Awesome! Introducing: Swimming in Trees

Thought I could tell you about this crazy guitar that incorporates one of Ted's cigar box pickups and this crazy electronic piece that I'm working through. It's not an octave pedal! Hint! Anyway. If you have a moment, check out "Swimming in Trees" Ted is an amazing person and I'm honored just to know him let alone work out crazy things like this! Stop by Facebook if you want to see more vids that we'll be putting up. Andy


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WOW Andy!  Some nice thump going on there, I'm glad that Stone 2 delivers.  You guys work really well together, she's awesome.  You're no slack either HAAA  Great production on the vid, it won't be long till we see Swimming in Trees in a stadium tour...


Andy, read your post again, you haven't told us about the crazy guitar...

Yup, I am digging this! I DEFINITELY like the guitar you are using. I'm looking forward to hear some of the music that you both are developing. Sounds like some propulsive energy is being stirred in the pot! Nice band name, by the way.
Andy, what does Steve think of where you're doing?
Great job. Excellent video. I like seeing that little pickup tucked away there.  Excellent addition.
Andy, have new pics of this and the new one?
Great sound...finally some new music i really like...alot!!!

Congrats to Andy!!  He'll be opening for Steve Vai at the Ventura Theater 10/18/13.  More info here.

WOOHOO !!!!!!!!!!

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