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I cruised thru Home Depot and there on top of a stack of plain maple 1x2's was this 12 foot piece of highly figured ribbon maple for $ 0.94 per foot...  You can't expect to get finds like this everyday, but it's occasionally worth the lookie-see...



today, encouraged by yesterdays score, I found at another Home Depot a 1x4 by 12 foot piece of maple loaded end to end with birdeyes....


not really where I'd expect custom wood, but who could argue with success?


the best,


Wichita Sam

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Yeah Sam my local Lowes carries alot of pre-cut maple and some real nice maple lumber. I always pull all the 1/4" pre-cuts out lookin for the special one...they make great fretboards.



My Lowes haven't carried maple for over a year.  Home Depot carries 1 by stuff, but not thin boards.... making due withwhat I got...

the best,



Awesome score Sam.  My Home Depot carries maple and every time I'm there I inspect every board.  I've found some really great pieces.

where to find a great piece of birdseye maple??? HomeDepot of course!!!


Maybe it's just me, but I see an archtop in there waiting to be liberated...
hmmm, certainly have enough if I could settle for a 3 piece top/bottom... even a small section of splatting...

Sam, I stopped by Home Depot and found a nice curly piece, but passed on it. It might work for shooting arrows though. I'll be back, though, to check the new stock in the future. Do you do anything to the maple on your necks to bring out the figure or leave it natural?

If there is sufficient contrast in the figuring (like in the birdseye), I linke to use a plain/clear finish.  If it is subtle, I like a little stain to bring out the figuring....

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