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looking to purchase a digital recorder. am looking at the Tascam 05. want to sit in my room and lay down a song, guitar and vocals, and get a decent sound. Any feedback would be helpful

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these are recorded on a Tascam?. If so. really nice sound. thanks

I am looking at a Zoom H4n. I've done some research on it and it sounds really cool to me. Check it out at ZZounds.com.

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i have the Tascam Dr05 and couldn't be happier with it. for the price the sound quality is great and more important its easy to use

Add me to the list of Tascam owners.  I picked one up to record my Dad and our family history.  Works great on a camera tripod or as was pointed out above, you can get an adapter for a mic stand.  The two mics are pretty sensitive and will do a decent job. 

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