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to bad he didn`t have an electric fiddle to keep the sawzall sound drowned out...but it was entertaining,!!!

This guy is apparently a very well regarded fiddle maker, so that makes it extra funny. If you are a fiddle geek, that is.
He's gonna have a forearm like Arnold Shwarznegger if he keeps that  up!

wonder if he also has a shake weight!!!- where's his WIFE!?!?



{edit} oh there she is....!?!?! OoooOOO...


Someday he is going to forget that he has a blade in it.

Great to see it used on a fiddle!

 Down here on the border with Mexico the battery powered ones are used to cut holes in  the border fence:)

Well if a guitar is an Axe, why can't a fiddle be a Saw?????

LOL, when I saw the thread title I thought it was going to be about building...

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