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I've made a few 3 string tin can slide guitars with the neck all the way thru on the NON lid side.Ive also made a neck on top cigar box type of slide.

I'd like to take a simple approach as far as the neck and my tools are quite limited. I'd like to make my first finger playing guitar (3 string is fine).
I've seen the wooden cigar box type of finger playing guitar design where there's a cut away for the lid to close and the neck almost all the way thru.

So far non of the tin can slide guitars i've done have a neck on the lid side.

I'd like to make a finger playing (lid side guitar). I have an extra piece of 1/4 wood to raise the neck and I'd like to keep the neck simple as i just got a hack saw to cut wood. If there's someone willing to help i'd appreciate it. If it's harder to make the lid side type i'll settle for the back of the can. Also this particular can has about a 1/4 ridge on the back of the can.
Some of the tin can I have raised (lid) designs so maybe thats not the best kinda can...BUT this can Im using has just a small bevel ridge on the lid. Frets are probably out of the question for now..

Thank you.

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easiest way ...no special scarf joint cutting,  straight 1x2 right into the box. Just gouge a hole in the peghead and use something real hard for the string tree. Works good for me...lol

OMG, every time I turn around, Randy does something so special it blows my mind.  I love the simplicity but very stylish head stock.  WOW!  Great job!

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