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Etsy is an online marketplace to sell handmade items.

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I see a lot of CBG's on Etsy are people getting any sales from them or traffic to your site for sales coming from there???

I like etsy and use them more than any other.

Etsy presents products very professionally... far more so in my view than eBay (altho you can customise your listing) it's not a clean cut out of the box solution. Most sellers want to sell not code pages. 

If you use quality photos ( and who doesn't? ) Etsy showcases them beautifully.

Whether or not it is the best place to SELL your goods is another question. After having trawled there for a number of years, my conclusion is that their audience is in general "other craft persons". You are addressing people such as yourself who appreciate pretty much the same things. That's a limited market albeit a discerning one

I'm sure it is possible to get sales there but it would not be to the levels I think most  would expect. I see a lot of listing sitting there for very long periods. That indicates viewers not buyers. It is easy to get distracted there looking at all the other goodies...

If you have a marketing and advertising strategy that is on or offline you could use it to drive traffic there and be assured of a presentation second to none. 

Like Tom said in the movie, "show me the money!"


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