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I'm going to link you all from my website,
so if you don't want linked, don't post.
May God bless you all.

Here's mine, tinyguitars.tk
Thanks to David in Florida for getting the dot-tk domain registered again. =)

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under construction- still in its infancy
Great idea Jay - Lets keep the sales in the family!


Il link back to you too :o)

PS not wishing to highjack the thread, but if we all link back to each other, theoreticaly wont that mean that all of our sites appear higher up the google listings? Surely thats good for everyone!
Hi Jay great idea bro

Thanks Jay! Nice touch putting the logos on there too. I'm working on something for here where we can all get exposure and possibly each have a small store. Looking at software and also trying to make sure it's not obtrusive on the front page and take away from the charm of the place. Probably just a link up top called Store leading to a page where we can all have a little spot to post items.

Thanks again, and some cooool looking stuff on your site
Randy, here's a url that's easy to remember that can you give folks to lead them right to your page at Smokehouse http://tinyurl.com/MojoBoneWorks

Randy S. Bretz said:
I don`t have my own personal web site , but josh of smoke house guitars as a page on his web site for my mojobone works. Can I put his web site on the list.
Hey Brother I think this just goes to my ebay page so if you don't want to link it its ok.
Man, Im jealous of your links page!!

Looks great with the logos on there.

So is everyone adding everyones...??
hi guys,, lot's of good work here,, i've already add some of you on my website,, but now i've got you all,, so will add the other i haven't yet.....

this is mine


nothin too fancy. Still gotta get a paypal acct.

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