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Hi All

Just finished my first CBG, actually from a pecan pie gift box. It is a 4 string tenor resonator. Made the top and bridge out of some scrap palo escrito, tailpiece from a belt buckle, saddle from welding torch tips, and headstock inlay from typewriter keys. Soundholes have cookie dyes.  Fretboard is from some curly maple scrap I had.  The nut is a temporary one from a 6 string , and I plan to add electronics as soon as I get into a soldering mood.

I've made a few regular guitars before, but it is certainly fun to throw caution to the wind and use whatever strikes your fancy. Thanks to you  all for your inspiration. 


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That looks great, but your workshop looks greater..HaHa..I'm very envious

The belt buckle is a brilliant idea! Very cool

Well Done. Very nice rig


Way to GO!, John.  Great job! 


Niiizzzz Git !!!!! But that workshop is just a movie prop - right??? Far too tidy !!!! ;-)

Beautiful work, cant wait to see more... 

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