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As many of the people on this site know there is Cigar Box Guitar fest every year at the Flying Monkey in Huntsville alabama. I have attended his event for the last five years and sold CBG's and cigar boxes.

The first two years were great  we sold alot of stuff and had a great time, then the next three years it started to go down hill for us. On the third year  we set our table up and had everything in place and the woman in charge (Anna Sue Courtney) came to us and said you can't use this spot  you have to move, so we loaded up everything and moved to another spot. no harm no foul I guess would be a fair way to put it.

The following year this same thing happened except this time we were moved three times by the same woman. When i say we were ask to move I don't mean that we were politely ask we wereORDERED to move . On the last move we were put in an out of the way spot that very few people even walked by.


At this years event we were stuck in a hallway and charged $20.00 to set up we sold nothing but a few boxes and saw very few people.


On Oct 6 of this year we went back to try and sale a few guitars and boxes, upon arriving at the Lowe Mills we were about 3rd of 4th in line to load in. At about 10:30 AM Anna Sue open the door and told us that we would have to wait until everyone else had loaded in before we could come in. We complied and waited. We stayed until about 3:35 PM and I decided that maybe if I loaded up I could beat the crowd on getting out at the end of the day. I carried 2 guitars to my car and on the way back picked up a cart to load the othe goods on. When I arrived at my table Anna Sue came up and jerked the card from my hands and say in a most hateful tone "you can't leave until 4 and pushed the card down the hall and out of sight. At this point I loaded my stuff in boxes and carried it to the car. When I arrived back at the table to get another load Anna Sue was therre again and in a very loud voice , loud enough for anyone within 30 feet to hear said "your not to ever come back to the flyin Monkey or Lowe Mills.

Not at any point in the 5 years that I have been going to the Flying Monkey I have never been told that once loading in that I was captive until a certain time, nor at any time during those 5 years have I been given a copy of the guidelines for visting artists.


I wrote a letter to Lowe Mills and complained about the treatment  and today I received a letter that in so many words says tough luck and in the letter was a written copy of the guidelines. After receiving the letter todat I made a telephone call to the Flying Monkey and spoke to Cheryl Carlson and she said that she was sorry about the treatment but that Anna Sue is just that way. Don't know about everybody else but I don't like the be treated that way even if Anna Sue is just taht way.


I will never go back to the Flying Monkey as such, but at the next Cigar Box Fest I will be set up either on the loading dock or in the paved parking lot and open for business.


I am letting all the people that attend the event know that these people don't care for our kind and would just as soon we not be there.


If you doubt anything that I have said ask Bestillroy he was present to wittness part of Anna Sue and her behaviour problem.


I'm not sure if the Flying Monkey get funding from the Fed Gove but intend to find out and if so I will inform them of the way the money is being used.

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YIKES! Sorry to hear that Ottie. I agree with you, I don't care if she's just that way. If she treats people like that she should not be dealing with People. She would probably be more fit for something in the back room, away from others so she can just be that way.

thats sucks, that would make me totally not even want to go!


Anna Sue is a bully, and her behavior should not be tolerated. 

Unfortunately, bullies are accepted and even celebrated and rewarded in our culture. Just turn on the tv and watch Judge Judy, Simon Cowell, Billy O'Reilly, Gordon Ramsey, etc. etc.

Go to work and your boss or a co-worker are likely to be bullies. Victims of bullies can suffer major psychological damage. Unfortunately, there are no laws (for now) regarding harassment other than sexual harassment in the workplace. Your best defense is to quit and move on. 

However, in the case of Anna Sue, you only run into her once a year. Your choices are things like keep bumping your complaint up the chain of command until someone does something, or perhaps organize a boycott with the other participants, or if you decide to go again and she harasses you, tell her to F off and stand your ground. If you decide to stop going, she will simply target another victim and the process will begin all over again. At least then, the target won't be you :>)

Thanks to everyone that has responded to this post if you think we were done wrong write the flying monkey and tell them they are on line

yes Clock & Wolf this says it all thanks for the post

Uh, if they want it to be women only, then don't hire men in the first place? Not - hire the men, then harass them to drive them out.

Just curious if someone other than Anna Sue accepted you into the show?

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