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Ford doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned to restore their place in the North American auto industry and in the process, it comes up with some innovative moves. This is perhaps what motivated them to convert 21 parts from a new Ford Focus into musical instruments for UK Ford’s hot promotion crusade. For this work, Ford appointed two designers from the United States, composer Craig Richey and sound designer Bill Milbrodt, who produced some really innovative musical instruments and that too from the regular production line itself. They twisted 31 musical devices like Door Harp, Clutch Guitar and Fender Bass, from the car accessories only. The campaign, to be broadcasted on ITV from 4th February onwards, will start with an orchestra performing the musicusing newly shaped instruments. Call it sheer buoyancy or a commercial innovation; you may expect something fresh and significant from Ford.

Found at Gizmo Watch

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un freekin real!!!!
Done it already! Honda GX160Kart Engine...

Fix Or Rpair Daily or Found On Road Dead.
I bet there musical instruments are better than their cars.

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