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   A friend of mine gave me this cheapo little parlour guitar yesterday. The top is broken and not worth spending a dime on to repair it.( I can't even find a "made in anywhere" sticker or logo on it anywhere) I think it came with nylon strings and somebody replaced them with steel....KAPOWWW, this thing just plain exploded when it broke. Lots of good parts though and the neck is sound ( has enough varnish on it to do another whole build...LOL). I'm going to make a pattern from it to do my first guitar other than a CBG.


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Hey I saw one simalar to that at the thrift store last nite...it was a Harmony ...no strings and one tuner was missing [ geared type ] but the body and neck were sound....22 bucks
I'd be hard pressed to build and fret just the neck for 22 bucks! I'd of bought it.
Looks like an ideal candidate for a home grown reso yep
Took the words right out of my mouth Roosterman!!

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