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Does anyone else have problems understanding how to convert decimal places of imperial inch measurements?

e.g. In Roger Simoff's book the first fret of a 5 string banjo (26" scale length) is 1.459 of an inch. Most fret calculators also give a metric placement of an imperial measurement. I can't get my head around this.

I I want to use a ruler to mark out 1.459 of an inch surely it involves guess work?

I used wfret for a printed template for a couple of ukuleles I made, but for some reason when I try to print out a scale for a banjo, the printout will not fit on an A4 page and it prints out without any fret numbers and part of the first fret measurement missing.

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This helps. Thank you so much. Nice also to see it's a .co.uk website. Makes me proud it does ;/

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