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I bought some 6mm inlay dots on ebay, which are fine. I use a 6mm forstner bit to cut the recesses on the fretboard. This got me thinking, does anyone know what tool or cutting bit the people who make these dots use? I have some ivory from old piano keys, and have tried to cut out dots using a paper punch, but the ivory just shatters.

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I'm not sure what to link to, but I think you should search for 'plug cutter bit' or something like that.

good luck!


I use plug cutters and they work well for me.

Marvellous, I shall check this out post haste. Thanks.

i dont think plug cutters will work . ivory like stone  is to hard it will just shatters. you might have to use a lapidary which is like a grinder only using water . 

I have used my plugcutters on bone.stone,corian, aluminum,wood and pvc.And had good results. slow and drill press does the trick for me.

I agree, plug cutter and drill press

You may have to file the edge of the cutter so that it will not split the ivory out, that is part of the process. Making your own custom tools

In a previous build, I used a McGill Paper Drill to cut dots out of ivory (the ivory I have was given to me by a piano repairer). It was ideal and cuts out perfect dots. Problem is, the paper drill was in my work office and has now disappeared.


plug cutters in a drill press . ok . thought he was using a hammer to try and punch out dots .

I use a jeweller's saw and a bird's beak cutting platform. This allows you to cut other designs besides circles. You need a dremel to rout the cavity for such inlays.

Thanks for the tip. I  will give this a go.

i would try a plug cutter , you can get them at a woodworking supply store and buy the matching forestner bit ti go with it

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