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I made up a couple of fretboards yesterday from some red oak that I found in my pile. Pics below. I have several pieces that are just right for this. Just have to plane them down to 1.5" and split them in two, then slot, sand and fret. Was wondering everyone's thoughts on selling these, possibly in bulk on ebay? They are 18x1.5x3/8 inches, so they would work well with most CBG projects. I have them slotted on a 24 3/4" scale and will fret them with StewMac medium frets. Would $20-$25 each be a fair price on one of these? Thanks to all in advance and may God richly bless you all! =)

I have put these on ebay:

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At 20$ I think you could sell quite a few. Put a few up and see! I volunteer to be the beta tester and put a write-up review on BaconFatGuitars.com ;)
I'd pay, didnt mean to seem like I was begging!
I think that would be more than fair to your buyers. I think it should bring more but it aint like your putting anyone outta business. I would buy them at that price.And would be happy to skip that part of my build. Could you do other woods? I could ship it to you if your local stores doesent carry woods such as Lacewood, or Rosewood,Birdseye maple.Whatever I find a deal on. I can usually get my hands on all those types. But it's expensive.usually between 10 and 20 dollars a board ft.
Whats the ebay link?

tinyguitars said:
I just put these 9 of these on ebay for $25 each.
LJ, I could do most any other woods, but there are not local stores here; I have to order everything.
Message me if you have some specific in mind. God bless! =)
Oh!, (he says as he walks away to find his glasses)
I don't just need a fretboard, I need the whole thing. Actually what I want is a dulcijo. I tried emailing you at tinyguitars@verizon.net to no avail. How can we talk about what I'm looking for. Thanks Chuck
Jay I haven't gotten anything from you junk or otherwise. Oh weel. This can work. I love the banjo sound but I think five strings is more that my head and hands can handle. Your dulcijo I think is the perfect answer. How long will it take for you to put one together for me? what kind of options do I have? And how much will it cost. Chuck Edwards My email should be c_edwards3@yahoo.com

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