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has anyone use these for wood burning etc and also can you buy different tips.

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I'd have to see the individual one you're speaking of.  I've tried some gas soldering irons and they could work fine for woodburning, but the ones I've tried run out of gas pretty quickly.  They're great for portability, especially where you don't have electricty.  Most would be pretty easy when it comes to tip adaptation.   If you have a coupla links I'll be happy to check 'em out and report back if I have any experience with them.

thanks I wont be buying just yet.

Unless you have to have a portable soldering iron (ie no electricity available) here's the most popular and versatile buys I've seen to date:

Amazon ASIN: B00Y9UW2XA


on this of the pond there show plug 110 volts no good for us as ours are 240v.

the reason why I ask is that  3 sold/iron didn't last more than an hour.got refund on all 3.

I'd rather have one working.bought a chinese one and it is lasting well so far.

mind you that went to so contacted seller in china and he sending me another.

it started to spark inside then it stopped working.checked wiring all seem fine. plug it in the next day and it worked and still is.so that's rather stranged.anyway if any of these do pack in I will buy a gas onethe good ones are usually around the $40 mark.I just wanted to know if anyone has used these for pyrography work.

thanks for the info.

Yeah, that's a trick with soldering irons, getting them to work.  Regarding the voltage:  I regularly keep a voltage converter on hand (I have two of them in fact).   Reason is I sometimes purchase an item designed for 240 and I need to knock it down to 110.  I got a really good buy on a woodburning kit by going with a European model.  Converters are relatively inexpensive on Ebay... and open up a whole world of 110 gadgets for you. :D

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